NEW FEATURE RELEASES: Advanced Carrier Templates, Book of Business Reports, Missing Commissions

Insurance agency commission processing

Our insurance commission processing tools will help you track missing commissions, calculate commissions for agents and uplines and manage carrier payments.  Whether FMO, IMO, Agency or Agent our built for purpose tool set will save you time and money.

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Our dashboard provides a snapshot view of the status of your insurance book of business. Total commission, unpaid commission, commission by carrier and commission by agent to name but a few of the widgets available.

Clients / Policy Holders

Manage your clients and policy holders easily. Policy holders can be imported in batch or automatically created when a new policy is imported with an unrecognised policy holder.

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All your policy information stored in one place. Commissions, splits and overrides can be liked to policies via the Carrier or created directly in the policy.


There are no limits to the number of agents you can import. Agents can be linked to multiple organisations meaning 1099s can switch between agencies with a single click. Our intuitive agent management interface make building uplines and setting agent levels simple.

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Commissions and splits can be defined at the carrier level to make management and updating as easy. Set start and end dates for both splits and commissions, meaning when a commission change is made by a carrier you can seamlessly transition into a new period.


Create commission templates that include premium overheads and terms of any type of payment combination. An expected commission ledger is generated for every policy. Commissions are paid in any combination of individual split or override, agent level, policy term or commission type. Our exportable commission reports make paying your agents simple.

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Import Carrier commission reports and be instantly notified of any missing commission payments. All successful payments have commissions calculated instantaneously. Follow-up with missing payments using our To Do task manager.

Discrepancy Checks

An advanced tool which can identify if discrepancies in commission payments. For example, If a premium changes month and a commission of 10% is expected then discrepancy checker will do the calculation and report any errors.

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ToDo Management

Create task in the ToDo manager to monitor and manage any issues that may require a follow-up. Assign tasks and set reminders and alerts for agents or administrative personnel to follow up on any outstanding issues.

Import Carrier Commission Reports

Import XLS, XLXS or CSV carrier commission reports using our Import Hub. Once mapped, a carrier commission report is saved as a template and all future imports are a simple case of validating the import data.

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Level Management

Create unlimited number agent levels which can be assigned to agents and agencies. Commission plans can be setup to pay only when an agent or agency is of a pre-set level.

Upline Commissions

Commissions can be created to automatically pay agent or agencies in an upline. Our intuitive upline management tool simplifies agent management and results in instant and clear commission reports.

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